BCTT provides resources for business acceleration for young companies and start-ups. We are eager to engage in development and implementation of innovative ideas and solutions.

For us your knowledge and technology are the most expensive values therefore we guarantee full confidentiality and provide legal advisory and NDA agreements.

We will work together to turn your idea into a product and to ensure final implementation or testing environment for your prototype.

We are happy to share our vast business relationships and established cooperation links with many industry partners. Having know-how in different fields we can provide valuable inputs to maximize results in designated projects.

We support the creation of new business models based on mature and proven technology in the new market context, we are looking for possibilities of combining technology and services, initiate research and commercialization to provide a new value for the business.

We provide project management, creative business modelling, scientific knowledge, capital raising, training for managers.

Fields of Expertise:


Life sciences

Hydrogen technologies

Innovative engines solutions

Energy efficiency


Focusing on technology transfer in the following areas:

Business acceleration

Intellectual property protection

Clusters and cooperation initiatives

Technology assessment


Project management

Business modelling

Training and coaching